Preparations for oil change

There are several important aspects to consider when preparing for an oil change. The first, and perhaps most important, is to change the oil under safe conditions.

Preconditions for safe working

  • If it is necessary to lift the vehicle, make sure that the jack is on a stable surface.
  • Concrete or asphalt foundation is best because they are likely to withstand the high force of a small area when lifting a car.
  • When changing the oil on a grassy area, it is important to build a foundation of boards of adequate hardness under the jack, otherwise the car may move or slip during lifting, which is extremely dangerous.
  • Never lift the car on wet, soggy ground! If the vehicle is placed on a stand, make sure that it is stable.
  • As it is best to change the oil when the engine is running warmly, when draining the oil, make sure that the escaping hot oil, possibly between 70-100 degrees or higher, does not cause burns.

In the case of burns, the most dangerous operation is to open the oil drain plug, as this is when the drained oil is the hottest and the radius of the escaping engine oil cannot be calculated. It is best to wear special heat-resistant rubber gloves. If this is not the case, a thick, leather work glove will do the same – although this is more difficult to work with and may spill hot oil if it is leaking.

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