Submit oil change data

Help us, help each other!

When buying a used vehicle, it is often the case that the original instruction manual or manual for the car is no longer available, so it is extremely difficult to find and determine the data needed to change the oil – oil change quantity, engine oil quality.

What we ask

If you have any of the above documents (Operating Instructions or Manual), please send us the necessary information to display them, helping each other to choose the materials used for oil change and to keep up with the oil change period.

Necessary data

  • Your vehicle make, type, year of manufacture
  • Engine code
  • The amount of engine oil required
  • How much oil does your oil filter hold?
  • Oil change period, replacement interval (month/miles/km)
  • Quality of engine oil required, standard conformity (API, SAE, ACEA, MB…, GM…, VW… standards)

Please use the following form or email to send the data: iwillhelpatoilchangedotinfo

Thank you very much for your efforts

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