Chevrolet Astro (1995 – 2005) engine oil capacity

  • Engine: Engine Code. A sequence of letters and numbers. This includes the engine block type and engine family, but may also include other information.
  • Capacity: Capacity/Filter capacity in litres(liters). Engine oil fill quantity (Service fill).
  • Intervals: Oil Change Intervals (use: normal). Engine oil should be changed at the latest after this time or after miles/km, whichever comes first.

The oil filter must be replaced every time the oil is changed, unless the car's owner's manual recommends otherwise.

Model: Chevrolet Astro (1995 – 2005) (USA/CAN)

Chevrolet Astro (1995 - 2005) (USA/CAN)EngineCapacityIntervals
Astro 4.3 V6 (1995 – 2005)4.312 500 km/ 12 months

The Chevrolet Astro was a rear-wheel drive van/minivan manufactured and marketed by the American automaker Chevrolet from 1985 to 2005 and over two build generations. Along with its rebadged variant, the GMC Safari, the Astro was marketed in passenger as well as cargo and livery configurations—featuring a V6 engine, unibody construction with a separate front engine/suspension sub-frame, leaf-spring rear suspension, rear bi-parting doors, and a seating capacity of up to eight passengers. More info >>

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