Recommended engine oil for Acura EL

What is the recommended engine oil for Acura EL? How do I choose the type of engine oil?

The second generation of the Acura EL was produced from 2001-2005. It was discontinued in 2005 and replaced by the Acura CSX. The Acura EL was only produced in Canada and was only available to customers in the Canadian market. The question now is what type of oil is best for this model. The car is not young, I recommend a fully synthetic 5W-20 or 0W-20 engine oil. The filling volume is 3.5 liters. The engine oil should be changed at least every 6 months or every 8,000 kilometers.


  • If your car was manufactured in 2002 and the engine code is D17A, choose 5W-20 or 0W-20 oil.
  • 5W-20 or 0W-20 engine oil is also suitable for 2004 Acura EL.

Change not only the engine oil but also the oil filter

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