Recommended engine oil for Acura Integra

What is the recommended engine oil for Acura Integra? How do I choose the type of engine oil?

It will soon be time for an oil change. I would like to ask you, what engine oil do you recommend for Acura Integra? I bought the car second hand, it was relatively cheap but the engine is fine!

AcuraBefore you start changing the oil, it’s important to know what kind of oil is right for your engine. If you want to keep using your car for a long time to come, carry out the recommended maintenance on time. I recommend that you change not only the engine oil and oil filter, but also the air filter and spark plugs (if you know how to do it).

It would have been nice if you had told us when your car was built and with what engine. If it’s a 3rd generation Acura (1994-2001), a 5W-30 oil will do. Acura recommends it in the owner’s manual.

5W-30 oil is good all year round, no need to change it seasonally. Always keep to the recommended oil change intervals.


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